New products available

New products available

Dear Customers, the news You will find listed here after, are a further evidence of how Tubi Gomma Torino is always ready and actual in every market, domestic and international, providing always a solution suitable to the request, satisfying both the technical requirements, the technical specifications and obviously the commercial exigencies.

New component of the vast AGRAFOOD family, is the natural answer to the highest performances requests, very aggressive fluids, working temperatures well above the std 176°F. AGRASTAR is a FEP tube hose, that besides satisfying  such requisites , is also approved by the most important hygienic and food certification allowing its use in all the food, chemical and cosmetic industries. Vast offer of i.d.’s and hose cover colors.

Maybe, calling it “working hose”, will tell immediately about which product and application we are talking about. ASPICIPS PLUS, last arrived in Tubi Gomma Torino, it has taken  immediately the leadership of its product category, thanks to its performances, easy to handle, extremely flexible, very light and abrasion resistant. The hose, proposed to our distributors, both in complete coils (20 and 40m) that in usage cut lengths, provided with smooth endcuffs and protruding copper wires, is quickly gaining its own space, only thanks to its recognized technical  superiority.  

Apparently a very “simple” rubber hose, just a classic water layflat hose: in reality is exactly the opposite, a very hi-tech and specialized hose. The harsh environment where is daily used, the sea, and the products flowed inside, the fishes, are very “heavy”. Is a FISH PUMP HOSE, used to load on the vessel deck, all the fishes contained in the net towed behind it, around the open sea. The hose is therefore constantly in contact with sea water, ozone, U.V.A., thermal excursions ( between the high temp when the hose is winded up on the drum under the sunshine  and the cold of the northern seas water); in the hose tube, the stream of fishes /sea food and salty water, assure a constant attack to the rubber hydrolysis and abrasion resistance.