New products available

New products available

Tubi Gomma Torino is proud to inform all  its own Customers and all the WEB Visitors, that starting from the 1st of May 2014, new products for Chemical, Oil and Abrasive Materials applications, will be available in our WEB catalog.

    Delivery hose for petrol station and road tankers for UREA / ADBLUE® additives. The  hose diameters range is divided in extruded (from  i.d. 6mm up to 25mm included) and mandrel made (from i.d. 32mm up to 76mm). As usual, all Tubi Gomma Torino std. product  are offered with many options  in order to suit the customer needs. Datasheets and prices are available in our Sales Office.
    Latter development and evolution of our exceptional CHEMIGREN SD/16 EN12115 with black UHMWPE tube, for applications in ATEX environment. The requests for this products arrive mostly from Oil Refineries, chemical indutries, paint industries, ONSHORE and OFFSHORE rigs. The std version is a mandrel made hose tested as per ATEX, EN12115 and TRbF specifications. Datasheets and prices are available in our Sales Office.
    Is a brand new product to complete the TGT ABRA hose range. Its application will be among our two historical products ABRACORR-FRA and ASPICIPS. It is a mandrel made hose, with corragated cover for medium duty applications as slurry and sewer cleaning, suction of abrasive materials in the harshest environments. The hose is supplied with smooth end cuffs in order to facilitate the fittings choice and the assembly process. Datasheets and prices are available in our Sales Office.