New products available

New products available

Dear Customers, 

Tubi gomma Torino, always in the optic to increase its own market share  adding to the already broad product range, several hoses with higher and higher performances, is pleased to inform about the further increase of the “NO-SPARKS” hose family. Such hoses, introduced one year ago as CHEMIGREN SD/16 EN12115 –NO-SPARKS-, have been designed to work in all those environments where ATEX approval is required. We use the definition “ATEX ENVIRONMENT” on purpose: ATEX approval do not apply to the rubber hoses due to are “intrinsically unable to generate autonomous electrostatic currents”.

Nevertheless, is recommended that the hose components, as compounds, structures and ancillary equipment (as the grounding copper cords) are all tested  in authorized laboratories, following the ISO 60079-0:2012 art.26.13 in order to prove that their surface resistance will be ≤ 109 Ohm.


Named products  are the following:


  • PETROCORD D /16 EN 12115 - NO SPARKS -
  • PETROSPIR SD /16 EN 12115 - NO SPARKS -
  • CHEMIGREN SD /16 EN 12115 - NO SPARKS -