AGRA FOOD hoses traceability

AGRA FOOD hoses traceability

All the rubber hoses intended for contact with food, need specific branding (the symbol of glass and fork and the name of manufacturer) and their history must be traced, going through all the production chain up to the single product component.

Therefore, starting from July 2018, Tubi Gomma Torino, will introduce a second parallel line containing an identification, number beside the main colored hose lay line all the food stuffs hoses, which will allow the improvement of the traceability of the products making it absolutely incontrovertible.
The appearance will be that of a continuous embossed branding, which will show a code of two (2) characters every 500 mm., so that even the shorter hoses assemblies will contain at least one of such codes.

Hoping to have done something you will appreciate, our commercial and technical service remains at your disposal for further explanations and clarifications.

Tubi Gomma Torino
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